The quality of every pair of handmade shoes by Knights & Lords is assured as each benefit from six weeks of meticulous hand craftsmanship, finishing, and inspection. These handmade shoes are crafted only from premium leathers sourced from tanneries that use the finest time-honored treatments, thus guaranteeing each pair of handmade shoes’ superb quality. Every pair of handmade shoes is cut from a single piece of full grain leather to ensure that the shoes are identical both in quality and the way they fit on the feet.


In addition to the fine quality of materials used in these handmade men shoes, the wealth of experience and attention to detail that goes in constructing a pair of handmade shoes means that, with care, they will not only last a lifetime but become even more comfortable and elegant with age. While one can have their handmade shoes polished professionally, the satisfaction of looking after your own handmade shoes is something that we at Knights & Lords recommend. Here are some tips from Ashish & Pawan of Knights & Lords which are simple procedures one must follow to appreciate your shoes to the fullest.

1)      Always use a shoehorn – it will help in keeping your handmade shoes in perfect shape

2)      Walk your new handmade shoes in gradually, wearing them only for a few hours in dry conditions during the first few days. This will allow the leather to soften and better fit the shape of your foot.

3)      Rotate your pair of handmade shoes so they can dry out properly and breathe.

4)      Always use shoetrees – they keep your handmade shoes in their optimum shape and help to remove creases.


Nourishing and Polishing – Prior to polishing dust over your bespoke handmade shoes with a brush and clean the stitches with a welt brush. Choose a jar of shoe cream specially made for handmade shoes which are slightly lighter in color than your handmade shoes if you wish to preserve its original shade or a slightly darker shade if you wish to deepen the original color of your handmade shoes. Using a clean cloth wrapped around two fingers held together; apply the cream sparingly with a circular motion. Progressively work the shoe cream into the leather and use a welt brush to make sure it has penetrated the welt. Once the cream has dried, polish it off with a soft brush until the desired luster has been achieved.


Waxing and Glazing – In addition to the regular use of cream, Knights & Lords recommends that you also occasionally use a wax polish. It gives your handmade shoes both, a wear-resistant coating and a more intensely gleaming patina, especially to the toe and heel. The wax should be applied to your shoes in a similar fashion to the cream, though more sparingly and with a lighter touch, using a slightly damp cotton cloth to achieve a brilliant, glazed effect. Give the final touch, preferably whilst wearing your handmade shoes, with a soft cotton cloth.


Sole Replacing – Your handmade shoes are exceptionally robust. When, eventually, they require re-soling, just bring them to Knights & Lords. We will carry out a full inspection of your bespoke shoes, undertaking the re-soling. The entire sole, welt and insole will be removed and replaced with new ones. Your shoes will then be expertly re-polished and returned to you as near to new as possible.


Taking care of your handmade shoes is the best way to reach a calm and meditative state of mind as it requires the modest use of intellect while appreciating the beauty, craftsmanship, and naturalness of your handmade men shoes. It is indeed a way leading to the tower of inner engineering, a realm that exists within a dimension of your mind which is beyond space and time, a place of eternal bliss.