Garment Maintenance

Bespoke handcrafted garments are an investments and like all investments they are supposed to give a good return. You will only be able to maximise your return on investment if your bespoke garments are cared for. Knowing and accepting the fact that dry cleaners in the region are not equipped with cleaning and caring for bespoke suits, we at Knights & Lords have made a specialised garment maintenance and service package that cares for these handcrafted garments in the traditional way where the entire cleaning and services is done by hand with no use of machines.
2 x Coat Cleaning and Maintenance Services AED 200
4 x Trouser Cleaning and Maintenance Services AED 180
5 x Shirt Cleaning and Maintenance Services for AED 120
1 x Alteration and Refitting Service for 1 Coat for AED 550
1 x Full Alteration and Refitting Service for 1 Trouser / Waist Coat for AED 220
1 x Alteration and Refitting Service for 1 Shirt for AED 120
Tailor-made suits in Dubai
Besides the above if you require special packages which are tailor-made as per your consumption cycle please get in touch with us and we shall design one specially for you.
Tailor-made suits in Dubai
-All Maintenance Services include Deep Cleaning, Sponging and Steaming garments by hand.
-All Maintenance Services will include all kinds of repair work, cutting and flaming of loose threads, re-hemming of trouser bottoms and all seams re-inforcement
-Alteration services includes re-cutting, re-fitting and re-making of garments after a fit simulation is given on your body.
With proper care given to your garments using the services above, you can ensure that you get proper return on investment out of them as they will last you a lifetime.