Gift an Experience

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Gift an Experience

The several bespoke experiences at Knights & Lords can be extended as a memorable gift to celebrate eventful occassions, to mark ones achievements, or just as a goodwill gesture to mention your unspoken gratitude or personal love to someone special. Experiences with a Bespoke Two Piece Suit, Bespoke Three Piece Suit, Bespoke Blazer, Bespoke shirts, Bespoke Trousers, Bespoke accessories like ties and bowties, cufflinks and handcrafted shoes can be extended to the special recipient as a personal gift presented as a gift certificate from Knights & Lords. In addition to the above Knights & Lords has designed bespoke experience packages that can be presented as mentioned below:

From The Fashion

Experience 1:

Enjoy a bespoke journey at Knights & Lords with Five Handcrafted Bespoke Shirts at The Finest Cut Lounge, The Cigar Room- Fairmont The Palm. This session would involve a consultation with Mr.Ashish and Mr.Pawan who will guide through the varied details on their craftsmanship experience while enjoying that special session will also involve a special personalised tasting session for ‘The Lounger’ with three single malts. Price: AED 1500+VAT


From The Fashion

Experience 2:

The experience with Knights & Lords to enjoy a Bespoke Two Piece Suit and Two Bespoke Shirts at The Finest Cut Lounge, The Cigar Room- Fairmont The Palm. * A deep conversation with Mr.Ashish and Mr.Pawan who will guide and ensure that the bespoke suit and bespoke shirts commissioned at Knights & Lords are aligned with the personality of that person. A deep dive into imagining the limitless possibilities with bespoke and have that expression take form with the intention of having those bespoke garments been brought into existence serve a purpose. Additionally, enjoy taking a deep dive with an appreciation tasting session for ‘The Aficionado’ with three single malts. Price: AED 4400+VAT * can also be availed with a Bespoke Three Piece Suit with Two Bespoke Shirts at AED 5600+VAT

Experience 3:

The journey starts at The Finest Cut Lounge and take you to the ‘Elchies House’, the spiritual home of The Macallan, the finest single malt in the world. Experience ‘Beyond Bespoke’ with an unparalleled session that will take you from Dubai to Scotland. The boundaries of bespoke will be tested with a journey that begins at The Finest Cut lounge in The Cigar Room, Fairmont- The Palm, Dubai and takes you to the Speyside distillery of the famed single malt, The Macallan in Scotland and back in Dubai. An enthralling experience that will bring out the connoisseur with the joy of personally witnessing how the finest single malt is crafted and enjoying the tasting experience at the new distillery and ‘Elchies House’, the spiritual home of ‘The Macallan’. The entire experience of this journey will then be the genesis of a bespoke commission of Two Bespoke suits and Four Bespoke shirts and will be discussed at The Finest Cut lounge after the trip to truly encapsulate a pleasurable memory into a bespoke commission that will be reminiscent of the time spent with it being worn and cherished for years to come. Price: available upon special request Apart from the above, if there is a special package that you would like designed and tailored to your requirements kindly get in touch with us.


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