Jay Sean – Multi Award Winning Singer and Songwriter wears Double Breasted Suit crafted by Knights And Lords for Red Carpet Event

Crafting a Suit for Jay Sean whose talent is multi-faceted – being a singer, songwriter, rapper and beat boxer all at once – was certainly not an easy task for our Bespoke suit tailors and Directors Ashish & Pawan of Knights & Lords. However, Jay Sean was aware that if Knights and Lords can’t do it, then it just can’t be done! So when Jay Sean landed in Dubai for his performance, Knights and Lords was contacted to ensure that a suit can be crafted that lives up to the multi-talented personality that Jay Sean has. Ashish & Pawan paid Jay Sean a visit and the memorable journey began.

Jay Sean took time to select each and every detail of his suit along with the guidance of our Bespoke tailors Ashish & Pawan making sure every single detail is a perfect reflection of his multi-faceted personality. After all Jay Sean in a singer, song writer, rapper and beat boxer all at once. His song “Down” which features Lil Wayne remains to be a record holder for the number of awards it has won. To craft a suit for someone of his caliber required a lot of thought.

Ashish & Pawan of Knights & Lords suggested that they craft a double breasted suit for Jay Sean so that it gives him the prominence and presence his personality deserved. The process of fittings and the end result were captured in pictures which speak for themselves and can be seen below:

Ashish & Pawan were happy that they were able to craft a suit that did justice to the multi-talented personality of Jay Sean which they were told by Jay Sean is only the first of many suit commissions that will follow.

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