King Oyo of Uganda – Suit fitting done at the Burj Al Arab and featured on Channel 4 UK

Ashish & Pawan, Savile Row trained Bespoke Tailors and Directors of Knights & Lords, are regularly called to the Burj Al Arab Hotel to craft bespoke suits for Royals and Heads of State who cannot visit the Knights & Lords tailoring house due to security protocol. In one instance they were told to visit the Burj Al Arab to do a suit fitting for the King of Uganda who holds the record of being the youngest reigning Monarch in the world as he was crowned King at the young age of three and a half years.

His Majesty King Oyo of Uganda takes his dressing very seriously and hence consults his mother just like every other serious decision he takes in life. His mother plays a big part in how he is perceived by the public and makes sure he stands out as royal and regal at all times. His wardrobe mainly consists of double-breasted suits to signify is royalty and importance in state affairs.

Incidentally, Channel 4 UK was doing a documentary on the 15th anniversary of the Burj Al Arab called “The Billion Pound Hotel” and the entire process of Knights & Lords doing the suit fitting for the King of Uganda was documented and featured as part of the documentary which can be seen below.


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