Start Your Own Custom Business

Ashish & Pawan who are the Founders, Directors and the Bespoke Tailors at Knights & Lords have come a long way from the time they started their journey in 2010 with a tailoring house in Dubai. Unlike many other bespoke tailors and craftsmen, Ashish & Pawan don’t believe that knowledge should be kept to oneself, no matter how valuable or coveted it may be. Spreading knowledge and awareness for craft that they paractise has been their main motive right from the start. Their are many great craftsmen in the world but few of them are able to see commercial success or receive the recognition that they truly deserve.

For this reason, Ashish & Pawan have taken the initiative to share their trade secrets and strategies which have made them successful in a region that has no history or heritage of craftsmanship. They have done this for many notable brands and businesses and continue to do it through the following:

  • Providing complete bespoke consultancy services for people who are looking to start their own custom tailoring business from ground up along with the feasibility study and strategies to implement for its success.
  • Providing sales training programs to existing custom or tailoring businesses.
  • Providing formation and implementation of marketing strategies for existing custom or tailoring businesses.
  • Providing training for marketing personnel of existing custom or tailoring businesses.

Pawan & Ashish Ishwar have also written a book on “The Business of Bespoke” which is available to purchase in all major book stores. In this Book, they share all their secret strategies and techniques which made Knights & Lords successful along with how they were able to attract celebrities and heads-of-state as clients such as Mike Tyson, Luis Fonsi, Jay Sean, Kelis and King Oyo of Uganda among others.

With the above, Ashish & Pawan have opened the doors to everyone who would like to take advantage of their combined expertise and experience in the field of custom clothing with the sole motive of spreading their knowledge to raise the standards of the industry for businesses providing Bespoke, Custom, Made-to Measure and personalised services.

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