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The craft of Bespoke tailoring that we practice to make Tailor – made suits in Dubai Marina is exactly done as per the guidelines laid out by the Savile Row Bespoke association. The experienced bespoke tailors Ashish & Pawan at Knights & Lords, our tailoring shop will first ask you to choose from a wide array of fabrics, after which you are carefully guided into making all the major and minor decisions that will encompass the crafting of your bespoke tuxedo for weddings and special occasions or bespoke suit for work. Every suit is crafted keeping the purpose of the suit in mind and you are carefully guided with all the styling options relating to your Bespoke Suit which is different if you are looking for tailor made tuxedo suits or  if you are looking for wedding suits for men.

Some special features that set the best tailored suits and tailor made tuxedo suits apart from off-the-peg variations are working cuffs on your suit sleeves, having the last buttonhole and button thread on your sleeves to be a different colour and having a handmade lapel hole in a colour of your choice. Any special requests such as having a pocket inside your coat to the exact measurements of your wallet, phone, pen or cigar can also be accommodated under bespoke suit tailoring, as the best bespoke tailors never say no to any request made by a client. After everything has been discussed, the Master Tailor will take detailed measurements of your body.

As part of the bespoke tradition, it is important that your suit is hand-cut by the same hands that have measured you. That is an important detail that even some of the bespoke tailors in Dubai Marina fail to recognize. While it would be biased to call Knights & Lords the best suit tailors in Dubai, we are quite possible the only tailoring shop that strictly adheres to the truest and purest form of bespoke suit tailoring in the country and possibly the region.

Tailor-made suits in Dubai
Custom Suits Dubai

Except Knights & Lords in Dubai Marina and a few other tailors in London’s famed tailoring street Savile Row, no other tailoring shop specialising in custom made suits and bespoke suit tailoring will be confident enough to cut the fabric directly by mapping your pattern on it without first mapping it on craft paper. When have your tuxedo or wedding suits done by our craftsmen, it will be handcrafted using a floating canvas, which is hand-stitched throughout the front part of your coat.

Tailor made suits are considered an extension of a person’s personality, with that tailored garment acting like a second skin. As such, tailor made suits are built to last and are an expression of one’s personal style and does not follow the transient nature of fashion. A Bespoke Suit crafted at knights & Lords is a Gentlemen’s armor in the modern world and a companion for life in all their endeavors. It is crafted with the sole propose of eventually opening your Eye of Bespoke making you one with the forces of nature.