The Purpose of The Suit Lining in a Bespoke Suit

The lining in a bespoke suit is a personal expression that can extend into the public persona of a person or be something special since it is privy to the person commissioning the bespoke tailored suit. The lining in a handcrafted bespoke suit gives the person commissioning it, a creative canvas to express themselves and have a personal appreciation for it.

linings as it is aligned to their personal philosophy and outlook in life. There are others that want to showcase an edgier self with an eclectic vibrant lining by giving a brief glimpse of their inner self especially when they put on or take off the bespoke coat. Also, people like to align their lining choices with the specific purposes of their tailored suit. The inner lining of a leisure suit could be a lot more vivid and expressive than a typical conservative work suit. A tailored wedding suit for the groom could have the lining matched with the color of the bride’s dress or the theme color of the wedding. A person could also use their preferred lining color to be showcased in the exterior by having the lapel hole and the first buttonhole of the sleeve in the same color as your lining. This would create an innate synergy by giving people a glimpse of their inner lining and hence giving a visual of their inner self which in itself could be quite surreal for a Gentleman.

In a bespoke hand-tailored suit, the lining can also be custom designed. Anything you imagine can be created by printing on silk, bemberg or cupro to make the lining inside your tailored suit. It is, therefore, the responsibility of your bespoke tailor to reach out to the farthest corners of your mind and bring forth your deepest desires into your lining which could otherwise only be imagined. The suit lining will thus help to illuminate and free your mind by making you conscious of the fact that everything you imagine can manifest into existence just like your bespoke suit.

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